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25 юли, 2014
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28 юли, 2014
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MELFORMATOR at the pool

MELFORMATOR are organizing a super cool party. There will be a wide selection of electronic music, visuals, atmosphere and more than 20 hours in which you can enjoy yourselves.

Also, there will be a great bar, awesome-tasting food, hammocks, crystal clear pool, hookahs. The place is Galeria In The Garden (see map here) in Plovdiv. There will be a great sound system and a line-up worthy of a small festival, including:

1000 names (
Melformator (
WTF is SWAG ( |
Vajarov & Paci Pac (
Visitor Q (
Galin (
Martin (
Stefan Mironov (
Philip (

The beginning is at 13:00 on 26 June, and the entrance is only 5lv. Be there!
(the event оn Facebook)

Симеон Тодоров
Симеон Тодоров
Създател на PLOVEDIV. Учител. Избран за един от 40 до 40 в класацията на Дарик за успешно реализирали се млади българи до 40 години, останали встрани от медийния интерес.

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