All Together Now 6
15 April, 2017
Up The River
Up River / Нагоре От Реката
19 April, 2017
Покажи всички

Saiki * Unpredictable * live_glsl


The project will present two video installations by Vss Ess (Berlin) and a visual performance by Petko Tanchev/nemko-fi (Plovdiv) in the space of PLOVEDIV.


Vss Ess is a video artist born in Bulgaria and now based in Berlin. After obtaining a BA in Visual Arts in Sofia, he got offered a scholarship to go and study in Milan where he completed a MA program in Space Design. He has now been working as a visual artist in Berlin for the past four years collaborating with music producers and performers.
His main topics are inspired by the city in the search to capture it’s very unique atmosphere. His works could be described as a journey through the oneiric, an exploration of humans mind and behaviors.
Often he likes to present his works using different techniques such as projecting on different materials (usually not used for that matter) or holograms. His creative process is an invitation to broaden our horizons and to let go of social boundaries.


SAIKI [Psyche]
hologram video installation

Since the ancient times, searching the truth about our existence has always been one of humanity’s leading obsession. Many believe that the fundamental understanding of human nature resides within ourselves. The union of mind, consciousness and unconsciousness. Something visible to the soul but invisible for the eyes. Nowadays we are trying to express that value through digital reproductions of our inner selves. Unveiling, through the use of new technologies, the reasons and purpose of our own existence. Our aim is to destroy the ego and to transcend it in order to access
our real nature. Something like a therapy pressing the button and burning it.

Performer : Nina Braunsteiner
Realization: Vess Ess

Presented for the first time in KOOKOO @OHM Gallery, Berlin in 2014.


hologram video installation

An introspection on various aspects of life trying to define the limits between material and spiritual. A dedication to Plato’s myth Allegory of the cave: “The people watch shadows projected on the wall from things passing in front of a fire behind them, and they begin to give names to these shadows.”

Performer: Cara Nortje
Presented for the first time in KOOKOO @OHM Gallery, Berlin in 2016.


Petko Tanchev is a visual artist and scenographer based in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. He graduated “Scenography” of National Art Academy, Sofia in 2008 and a master’s degree program “Design of original visual performance” in 2010. He realized a number of stage design projects and video installations for theater performances in the country and actively participates as an author in national and international festivals. Since 2016 is the curator of Creative Media Lab – a module for digital arts in “Night of Museums and Galleries Plovdiv”.
Petko uses computer hardware and visual programming tools to create generative images, interactive systems, 3D animation and video. The virtual worlds he creates reconsider the aspects of the physical reality by adding a different meaning and content to it. He often works in the specifics of a particular space (site-specific) and is always willing to experiment with new media and contemporary technology. Another his reincarnation is nemko-fi, VJ artist in audiovisual collective Melformator..
Currently he teaches “Tools for visual programming” in MA “Digital
Arts” at the National Art Academy – Sofia and works as a freelance video designer and media artist.


visual performance

nemko-fi will improvise in real-time with the software KodeLife to generate experimental audio reactive images via glsl code

Симеон Тодоров
Симеон Тодоров
Създател на PLOVEDIV. Учител. Избран за един от 40 до 40 в класацията на Дарик за успешно реализирали се млади българи до 40 години, останали встрани от медийния интерес.

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