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23 January, 2017
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15 April, 2017
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Marc O’Reilly at VOID

Марк О'Рейли

VOID stubbornly imposes diversity when it comes to club culture. On March 21 Marc O’Reilly will hit the stage of the club. The music will be blues and folk. The music group composed around the performer hits the listener like a soft whiskey in dim light.

The concert will start at 20:00 and the entrance fee is 8lv. (the event on Facebook)

Hear what the music sounds like here:


Симеон Тодоров
Симеон Тодоров
Създател на PLOVEDIV. Учител. Избран за един от 40 до 40 в класацията на Дарик за успешно реализирали се млади българи до 40 години, останали встрани от медийния интерес.

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