22 January, 2017

European Capital of Culture and Japan

The first edition of the Forum 2019 has Japan as its guest. At first glance it is strange that such a distant country has interest and participates in […]
18 March, 2017
Марк О'Рейли

Marc O’Reilly at VOID

VOID stubbornly imposes diversity when it comes to club culture. On March 21 Marc O’Reilly will hit the stage of the club. The music will be blues […]
15 April, 2017
All Together Now 6


For the sixth consecutive time, people in Plovdiv will meet together. Together / Заедно is also the inspiration behind the party’s name. 2019 is very close, […]
15 April, 2017

Saiki * Unpredictable * live_glsl

The project will present two video installations by Vss Ess (Berlin) and a visual performance by Petko Tanchev/nemko-fi (Plovdiv) in the space of PLOVEDIV. *** Vss Ess […]
19 April, 2017
Up The River

Up River / Нагоре От Реката

“Up River” is a joint project by Liam Hughes, William Narby, Radoslav Ninov, Gainy Nursapina, Emilie Peyre Smith, Amy Steel, inspired by the specific space of […]