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Marc O’Reilly at VOID
18 March, 2017
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15 April, 2017
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All Together Now 6

For the sixth consecutive time, people in Plovdiv will meet together. Together / Заедно is also the inspiration behind the party’s name. 2019 is very close, and ELEN and MARTIN do not sleep, unlike others.

The Easter party All Together Now 6 will take place at artnewscafe on April 15, 2017, when citizens and friends of Plovdiv return.

The party starts at 20:00 and the entrance is free.

More: https://www.facebook.com/events/749889321837259/

Симеон Тодоров
Симеон Тодоров
Създател на PLOVEDIV. Учител. Избран за един от 40 до 40 в класацията на Дарик за успешно реализирали се млади българи до 40 години, останали встрани от медийния интерес.

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